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“Like music”, he declared, “my drawings transport us to the ambiguous world of the indeterminate.” …Redon’s art was always commanded by his dreams, but the thematic content of his work over his last twenty years is more densely mythical, brimming with newfound hope and light which rose quite unexpectedly out of the depths of the artist’s personality. This is particularly apparent in the various canvasses depicting the chariot of Apollo, the god of the sun.”

Symbolism, Michael Gibson, Taschen


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Este livro é digital e uma vez comprado, estará disponível para download.

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Table of Contents

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Liz Greene
Pluto, Shamanism and the Dance of Power – Kay Stopforth
Leaving Home: Crossing the Threshold to the Outer World – Glennys Lawton
North Node as Numinosum – Laurence Hillman
Film: Gladiator – Liz Greene
The Dalai Lama: Priest-Politician: A Kabbalistic and Astrological Perspective – Freda Edis
The Portent – A Short Story – Richard Leigh
Recollecting our Soul – Erin Sullivan
The Hierophant in the Tarot – Juliet Sharman-Burke