Solar Biology



Hiram E. Butler

We address this explanation to the above classes because their education in the present disorder of astronomy blinds and confuses their comprehension of the true order. Those who are not students of either system have no difficulty in fully comprehending the orderly arrangement of the solar system as given in this work.

Those who study the science of Solar Biology thinking it will amalgamate with astrology, or aid in astrological prognostication, will find that it can not be so used, as it is a distinct science, using different data and arriving at entirely different conclusions. It reads character in human life completely, but in no case predicts coming events.

We receive numerous letters from astrologers and astronomers asking why our ephemeris locates the planets 180 degrees from their position as given in the Nautical Almanac. One reason is this: astronomers accept but one zodiac. We know of three distinctly separate zodiacs and four movements used by Solor Biology and astrology.


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